Homeless Home in Hallowed Halls, Harping Hollow Howls to Eviscerated Ears

Eviscerated electricity

sounds vibratory vibrato in here

And beep-beep checkouts, beep books back

into swish-step steps, hefting out a hunch.


Heavily leafed library loot, thuds thick,

trapped to: tense training fingers tapping terse,

ceilings peeling crumbling crumbles,

neat narrow shelves stacking stymied substance.

Squatted squares: show corner condensation,

compliment azure noon who complements

churning cherry cadmium

trees turning twists on tanning trunks of fall.


Fasting fast, fearing fall, waiting winter,

homeless home in haphazard halls and holes,

cultured cubbies, cuddle contact

with cryptic calligraphy, crafty codes.

Cry mute messages, mumble mum mandates:

hunger hungers heavy here! Scratch for scraps,

to find fast feasts for freedom feats,

and found forbidden facts in false files,

lengthened lapses of literary lace.


4 responses to “Homeless Home in Hallowed Halls, Harping Hollow Howls to Eviscerated Ears

    • Thanks Baron! Sometimes you just have to write down an experience because it’s so important! And then you just have to hope it comes through to the reader so they can experience it to. Thanks, as always, for reading! 🙂

    • Oooh, I like what she does. My sound play is just that, play for the sake of it because I heard the electricity from a bum light near me in the library one days, but hers is purposeful and subtle in all the right ways. A great poem to learn from!

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