OriginalCulture: Holiday Nostalgia

This photograph of a plastic-wrapped tacky table-covering sums up the early holiday nostalgia I’m having.  The truth is, this is a real table cloth that my mom owns.  She actually said to me last year around this time, “I want a tacky table covering for Friday night dinner.”  My boyfriend and I then spent an entire day buying not one, but two tablecloths before getting “the right one.”   These are the kinds of situations we get ourselves into when family is involved.  The tablecloth was one thing, but this year there’s no way I’m manhandling mom’s new, prickly animatronic reindeer onto the front lawn.  And I oppose any new life-size nutcrackers vehemently.

Something like an old picture can bring about the quirky stories such as these.  Or a seemingly habitual drive through the neighborhood on a sunny day with leaves dripping in red and orange can remind you of memories you’d rather forget, painful drives back from a new school where you didn’t have any friends so you were made fun of for reading to a silent dinner table in a house that didn’t feel like home.   Nostalgia is fickle like that.  For me, it’s especially fickle this time of year.

If you, like me are also having mixed feelings about impending family gatherings, holiday or otherwise, please check out this week’s HauteLit from HotLanta at Writer’s Club and share your own family gathering feelings/experiences.

HauteLit from HotLanta: Holiday Nostalgia


2 responses to “OriginalCulture: Holiday Nostalgia

  1. I’m sure I’m person #10,000 on the list to recommend this, but have you ever read Fun Home by Alison Bechdel? It’s a graphic novel you might really respond to if you haven’t already been inundated by that suggestion and already read it already.

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