OriginalCulture: Murakami Crave

I’ve been moving through life at a halting, awkward pace since transitioning back home after two years away and I intermittently stop and start in my pursuit of a writing career.  Sometimes I’m on a roll other times the doubt and insecurities strangle me.  My skin and bones don’t quite fitting the new shape of my soul.  So, I’ve retreated to my “well” much like Murakami’s in the Wind Up Bird Chronicle which is really just the office in my new house.  I’ve taken up a new and renewed love for Murakami.  I idolize him, basically.  His intricate plot lines and his characters draw me in.  Murakami didn’t start writing until he was 29 and when he did, it was completely out of the blue.  This gives me hope.  To read more about my Murakami Crave and to get some Literature, Music, Art and film suggestions, head over to Writer’s Club to read more:

HauteLit from HotLanta: Murakami


4 responses to “OriginalCulture: Murakami Crave

  1. The awkward starts and stops; the doubts, oddly mixed with moments of confidence. . .that IS the writing life. Don’t we write because we have to? Don’t we write even when life intervenes with other obligations that must be met? You are a wonderful writer and I am pretty sure that none of it gets any easier, but so what? You chose it, and now you are part of the strange tribe that observes the inner and outer life to such a degree that it preserves the story of the human condition. This is where we live. Welcome home.

  2. If I ever “make it” as a writer (what does that even mean?!), I’m going to say I only just started writing. I’m thinking it should happen by the time I’m 93. And if not, at least by then, I won’t have long left to feel bad about myself. (It’s all about setting realistic goals.)

    • Hahahaha! Good plan, I’m totally with you on that! And I seriously doubt he wrote for the first time at 29 and started pumping out awesome novel after awesome novel. Maybe he just started submitting at 29…

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