A Violent Violin Anoints Gadarene Gypsies

Rounding the highway’s corner,

pine dangles over the rearview

smelling sweetly

while symphonic gypsy airs

sweep soul’s strings softly.


A tapestry all Pollock’s

unfolds in a splattered sunlight

on fall’s palette.

A commuter train track plays

violent violin.


Forgotten tolls at the booth

yields green feelings of danger,

causes havoc.

A newly anointed rogue

passes through the gates.


Unexpected incitement

dials classical music louder,

leaves doors open,

wades into willing waters

leather boots and all.


Static pops and crisp crackles

shout in tandem with the piece played,

create ripples,

rock this gadarene gypsy

into golden dreams.




PS: This poem was inspired by this song played on NPR today.  Support public radio and make a donation for the fall drive today.  I’m not paid to say this, in fact, NPR has no idea I exist, but I listen all the time.  I’m about to make my donation once I can scrounge up a few dollars and I encourage you to do the same.  It’s some of the most intelligent, ORIGINAL and inspired programming you can find on the radio, but really anywhere in the media.  Plus there’s something so cool and vintage-y about listening to programs on the radio.  My favorite programs: All Songs Considered and Second Cup [local])


10 responses to “A Violent Violin Anoints Gadarene Gypsies

    • Thanks so much for reading! The pictures were so fun to take. I pulled over on the side of the road in the middle of the day on my way somewhere else and snapped a few 🙂

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