The Genii in Creativity Flux

Creativity flux, struts-

in tapping taps, shuttering starts,

filling fiery forms:

loose leaf papers fandango

Through coffee-scented winds.


All of us charming children,

Painting chevrons before two feet

So we know which way

to step: dueling, dancing shoes

into this double-dutch world.


Adult faces, thinned by time

Marked by theatrical makeup

for a childish play,

society has scripted

just for you and for me.


Curl up, hold knees, rock and roll

to holy, souly, saving sounds:

quiet mania

induce the holy grail

from within, create art.


Disband the derelict downs,

arm the aesthetic champions

in spite of the ‘them.’

Genie, the ideal joy waits

Granted or ungranted.


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