Karmic Cheerios

I took the whole day

and ate it.


Dreams of things taken,

steal his night.


Guilt overwhelms me;

I vomit.


I compose it back-

now it’s whole.


But it will never

be the same.


Karmic cheerios,

stale in box:


Inject my soul

with hardness


In the morning hours,

I am reminded.


2 responses to “Karmic Cheerios

    • Thank you that really means a lot. Poetry blogs don’t always get read. I’m hugely inspired by William Carlos Williams, Ginsberg, Kerouac, Bukowski and also many of the Romantic Era poets. If you ever want to discuss poetry, or other artistic endeavors we can chat over e-mail or if you’re a member of 20sb.com, I have a discussion out that’s in need of replies regarding an online artistic open forum of sorts: http://www.20sb.net/forum/topics/open-artistic-forum 🙂 Thank you for reading.

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