The Abyss

Mosquitoes detach  like golden threads

from the darkened atmosphere

into the halo of light provided by a lamp

brought into the unfamiliar territory of the backyard.

They fly at breakneck speed now,

into the light, like sperm to an egg

as a hedonistic dating ritual

is performed by larger beings

on a makeshift dance floor.

Wooden boards of a shaky pier

bounce with the beat

to hold up the party goers

as they writhe together

forcing physical closeness

in an effort to speed up

the process of a relationship.

Eager, they move-

hungry for repetitive motions

that will create some kind of stability

capable of reminding themselves

they are alive between the beats of this song.

One they will try,

but fail to remember in the morning

through the fog of a hangover

dripping with reality and instability.


5 responses to “The Abyss

    • Thank you for reading! I worked on this one for so long and it went from just being a memory, to a story then back down to a poem of sorts. It’s nice when someone actually reads it and is able to feel something!

      • your efforts does show, for it makes for one beautiful, meaningful read. I loved the meanings, that your poem translated into, esp when read in between the lines… subtle, yet powerful.

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