Delta: Rubberband

In the air now,

traveling from night

to sunset.
Mississippi always has
to look so goddamned
Displaying a cracked facade
for the world to see
it’s weathered charm.
Always calling me back
from where I’ve been,
calling me back to its rusty
The Delta calls me
to its wild openness
that man never can truly
Back to the children
who once worked the
fields, now barely
surviving the streets.
Back to the stuffy
churches stuffed
with honest love.
Back again to
Rooster’s brother
and his yardstick.
Back to mohawks
Back to the place
that breaks my heart
so good
that it beats off key
until I return.

2 responses to “Delta: Rubberband

    • Thanks! I wrote this on the plane and can still see my seat and the view out the window! I wrote it on my soggy drink napkin because I had checked my notebook on accident haha. I had to borrow a pen from the flight attendant. Thanks for reading!

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